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GL. Company started its business by producing household items, and has expanded into other products including wet wipes, tooth tissues, bubble tissues, Cosmetic and mask packs.

  GL. is a company that pursues high quality, eco-friendliness, and customer satisfaction.

One of the most important aspects of manufacturing wet wipes is process water. That's why most of the premium wet wipes in the market are made from mineral water. Therefore, in order to get superior quality, finding the best natural mineral water resource is our priority.

We adopt Chojeong Mineral Spring as our water resource which is one of the top three mineral water resources in the world. It contains natural antibacterial material with consistent antibacterial effect which can prevent bacterial infections.

Located approximately 16 kilometers northeast of Cheongju-si City, Chojeong Mineral Spring is acknowledged as one of the three major mineral springs in the world along with Shasta Spring of the U.S. and Napolinas Spring of the U.K.

The daily yield of carbonated water here is 458 tons, which is used for producing natural soda drinks. The healing effects of Chojeong Mineral Spring are presumed to come from the abundant radium contained in the water, which is effective in treating eye infections and skin ailments.

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